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Friday, August 27th, 2004

SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: wat r u talking i called u the other day u called me back screamin wat the fuck do u want
CrumbleXInMyWake: i was mad
CrumbleXInMyWake: im sorry
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: y
CrumbleXInMyWake: i dun remember
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: ook
CrumbleXInMyWake: prolly my adhd or bipolar
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: /;
CrumbleXInMyWake: ?
CrumbleXInMyWake: ?
CrumbleXInMyWake: ?
CrumbleXInMyWake: ?
CrumbleXInMyWake: ?
CrumbleXInMyWake: ?
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: u bipolar
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: ok
CrumbleXInMyWake: FUCK!
CrumbleXInMyWake: DAMMIT!
CrumbleXInMyWake: FUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!1
CrumbleXInMyWake: sorry anxiety attack
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: wat is wrong wit y
CrumbleXInMyWake: its my bipolar
CrumbleXInMyWake: MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: o
CrumbleXInMyWake: so how are you
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: lol ok
CrumbleXInMyWake: good FUCKING NEWS!!!!!!
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: wat
CrumbleXInMyWake: sorry
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: wtf
CrumbleXInMyWake: its my bipolar
CrumbleXInMyWake: im having vicious anxiety attacks
CrumbleXInMyWake: YOU LITTLE CUNT!!!!
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: ooooooohhhhh
CrumbleXInMyWake: sorry jenn
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: what r u doing
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: wtf
CrumbleXInMyWake: im having an anxiety attack
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: wtf u makin fun of me its not funny
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: keep makin funn of me go ahead
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92: oh ha ur gonna get it ull c wat happens to u u fucking bitch
SiNg4ThEMoMeNt92 signed off at 1:17:23 AM

current mood: cheerful

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
12:38 am - That's Terrible......

OK, so the beginning of this conversation was x'ed out. Basically, I was telling vincent how I hit a dog with my car and then swerved and hit a tree at full speed. I smashed the shit out of it and cut the dog in two. Here's the rest...............

RouletteDares00: the dog jsut ran in the middle of the road?
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah
RouletteDares00: damn
CrumbleXInMyWake: you cant do karate AND have a moustache
RouletteDares00: hahaha
RouletteDares00: so your cars gone?
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah
RouletteDares00: :-(
RouletteDares00: it was so nice
RouletteDares00: so nice
CrumbleXInMyWake: im getting an eclipse though, so thats nicer
RouletteDares00: lol
CrumbleXInMyWake: im psyched. it's midnight blue
RouletteDares00: haha
CrumbleXInMyWake: the spyder version
RouletteDares00: haha
RouletteDares00: your insurance s fgonna go up
CrumbleXInMyWake: nah, not as many ppl have eclipses than civics
RouletteDares00: haha
RouletteDares00: i feel bad for that lady
CrumbleXInMyWake: me too
CrumbleXInMyWake: she was freaking out
CrumbleXInMyWake: and she was like in her 80's i think
RouletteDares00: thats sad
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah
RouletteDares00: i cant help but laugh
CrumbleXInMyWake: dude wttf??? thats not funny at all
RouletteDares00: i kno
RouletteDares00: im really tired
CrumbleXInMyWake: dont fuckin laugh about that shit
CrumbleXInMyWake: you have no clue how i feel right now
RouletteDares00: yea i kno
RouletteDares00: i talked to eric
RouletteDares00: hes like these artsy kids r killin me
RouletteDares00: hes coming down he 10th around?
CrumbleXInMyWake: ??
RouletteDares00: to see slithern or something
CrumbleXInMyWake: o. the 14 year old band
RouletteDares00: haha yea
RouletteDares00: they good?
CrumbleXInMyWake: theyre alright
CrumbleXInMyWake: oh god
CrumbleXInMyWake: i cant believe i hit that dog
CrumbleXInMyWake: and the head....
RouletteDares00: its an accident
CrumbleXInMyWake: the head was squashed under my tire
CrumbleXInMyWake: oh shit how can i live wit this on my conscience
RouletteDares00: shit happens
RouletteDares00: it was an accident
RouletteDares00: it came on the road that quick?
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah

current mood: devious

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
2:58 am - Too much pot.

gentlemenMGOUFFE: hey! alex danielson??
FrogStomp 451: yea
FrogStomp 451: who's this?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: its mike from high school!
FrogStomp 451: which mike?
FrogStomp 451: I knew a lot
gentlemenMGOUFFE: mike mckenzie
FrogStomp 451: I remember your name, but I can't remember who you are
gentlemenMGOUFFE: well i've been away
FrogStomp 451: and I've been killin brain cells
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i was in madagascar for about a year
gentlemenMGOUFFE: sold thirteen pounds of halibut
FrogStomp 451: kaayyy soundss... uhhmmmmm fun
gentlemenMGOUFFE: made $1400 out of it
FrogStomp 451: nice
gentlemenMGOUFFE: what have you been up to?
FrogStomp 451: workin spending time with friends
FrogStomp 451: and playin video games
gentlemenMGOUFFE: got a job?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: where at?
FrogStomp 451: modells right now
gentlemenMGOUFFE: still... ROCKIN THE MOHAWK!!
FrogStomp 451: heh nah, I chooped it off
gentlemenMGOUFFE: why?!?!?!
FrogStomp 451: got tired of bein bugged about it by every one
gentlemenMGOUFFE: fuck em i say
gentlemenMGOUFFE: it was precious
FrogStomp 451: did you graduate with me?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes i did
FrogStomp 451: kk
FrogStomp 451: hummm your not in the year book...
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yeah, im not really one for getting my picture taken, you know?
FrogStomp 451: npt even in the camerashy section tho?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: really?
FrogStomp 451: yea
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i never got a yearbook, so i dont really know
FrogStomp 451: how did I know you?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we were friends for the last three years of high school
gentlemenMGOUFFE: how could you forget me???
FrogStomp 451: I smoked a lot of pot after I left cortland, I can't member shit from highschool ne more
FrogStomp 451: I barely member mih best friends ne mroe
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thats not good
FrogStomp 451: not to mention I was never good with names
FrogStomp 451: I never forget a face but I never member a name
gentlemenMGOUFFE: well obviously you did
gentlemenMGOUFFE: but its ok
FrogStomp 451: how'd ya get mih s/n? old friend?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yeah
FrogStomp 451: who?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: guy kozowyk
FrogStomp 451: who?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: guy
gentlemenMGOUFFE: remember guy?
FrogStomp 451: not at all, are you sure I'm the same person your thinkin of?
FrogStomp 451: the only person named guy I've ever known is my grandfather
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes im positive
gentlemenMGOUFFE: wow you had way too much pot my friend
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we shoud get together one day
FrogStomp 451: from commack HS?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes!
FrogStomp 451: do you have ne old nicnames that I'd know better?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: um... no
gentlemenMGOUFFE: are you still in commack?
FrogStomp 451: yea
gentlemenMGOUFFE: are you free tomorrow?
FrogStomp 451: moved away for 2 years came back last year go to farmingjail now, in the afternoon
FrogStomp 451: gotta take a blood test in the morn
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ok, how about 4:00?
FrogStomp 451: I'll be free then
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you know where the starbucks is on the corner of commack road and jericho turnpike?
FrogStomp 451: yeap
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i work there
FrogStomp 451: pass by it all the time
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you should come say hello
FrogStomp 451: ya know I'm still tryying to figure out who you are
FrogStomp 451: you graduated in 01?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: youll remember me when you see me
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes
FrogStomp 451: and guy graduated same year?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: guy didnt go to our school
FrogStomp 451: kk then how dose he have mih s/n
FrogStomp 451: I didn't know ne one from outside commack
gentlemenMGOUFFE: he went to hills east, you sure you dont remember him???????
FrogStomp 451: I generally hate every one fromhills east
gentlemenMGOUFFE: wow, alex i think you smoked a little TOO MUCH pot
FrogStomp 451: well I never had a memory to start with
gentlemenMGOUFFE: are you playing games?? you sure you dont remember guy??
FrogStomp 451: not at all the only people I member from hills east are mih ex, and her best friend (alison smith and dave pearlman)
FrogStomp 451: and a few other peopel i meet after hs once I got to farmingdale
gentlemenMGOUFFE: well i dont kow them. guy might.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: come meet me at starbucks tomorrow around 4:00
FrogStomp 451: ya weren't on crew were ya?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: no
FrogStomp 451: what's guys s/n?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: punjabisabbath09
FrogStomp 451: I do not recognise that at all
gentlemenMGOUFFE: when was the last time you talked to him?
FrogStomp 451: as far as I member never
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thats probably why
FrogStomp 451: just to make sure your thinking of me in HS I had a rather unususal piece of jewlry, it was made of rubber and I wore it around my neck, if you know me you'll know it's name and what it was
FrogStomp 451: and if your a really good friend where it is now cus even I don't know that
gentlemenMGOUFFE: haha i dont know alex. that was a long time ago
FrogStomp 451: it was a blue and white rubber snake
FrogStomp 451: not somethign people forget
gentlemenMGOUFFE: haha. honestly, i have no recollection man
FrogStomp 451: I wore it all thoguth 11th grade
gentlemenMGOUFFE: alex, can you meet me at starbucks tomorrow?
FrogStomp 451: I'd much prefer to figure out who you are first, I have a lot of people that hateed me in HS, and a lot of people that loved me too much
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i was your friend
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im just a bit surprised you dont remember me. i know it's been long, but not THAT long.
FrogStomp 451: did you know ne of my other friends?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i wasnt really a part of your clique, sorry
FrogStomp 451: z psycho mako lola
gentlemenMGOUFFE: nope
FrogStomp 451: have you ever been to my house or have I been to yours?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you might have been over for a birthday or something, i dont know
FrogStomp 451: what do you look like? height, face?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: back then, i had short, bleached, parted hair. a bit shorter than you
FrogStomp 451: I had hair to myt shoulders
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes
FrogStomp 451: I didn't chop it off till after I graduated
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yup
gentlemenMGOUFFE: then you got the mohawk, right?
FrogStomp 451: when I got upset at my ex I shaved off the sides into the mohawk
gentlemenMGOUFFE: because i remember seeing you, most likely after graduation, with a mohawk
gentlemenMGOUFFE: oh
FrogStomp 451: ??
gentlemenMGOUFFE: anyway, i must get going. work in the morning
FrogStomp 451: kk i'll try an member to visit you at starbucks
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ok thanks alex. ill be looking forward to seeing you. goodnight.

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
10:29 pm - Sapienza!

gentlemenMGOUFFE: ey yo
Sicilian NinJa: yo son
gentlemenMGOUFFE: this is knuckles
Sicilian NinJa: sup knucks
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i got a message from you from the desk of don fellatio
gentlemenMGOUFFE: *for you
Sicilian NinJa: tell me it
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i need you to be my hitman
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you succeed... you get yourself a nice slice of tiramisu
Sicilian NinJa: hmm
Sicilian NinJa: its tempting
Sicilian NinJa: but i gave up killing a long time ago
Sicilian NinJa: its not as easy as it use to be
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ive heard
gentlemenMGOUFFE: youre the best we can get though
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you game?
Sicilian NinJa: i know..
Sicilian NinJa: hmmm
Sicilian NinJa: but for tiramisu
Sicilian NinJa: ill do anything
Sicilian NinJa: im game.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ok great
gentlemenMGOUFFE: not we need you to whack this guy mike justian
gentlemenMGOUFFE: the googatz hasn't been paying his protection money
Sicilian NinJa: i hear ya
Sicilian NinJa: where is his stay of residence?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ill pull it up, gimme a sec
Sicilian NinJa: kk
gentlemenMGOUFFE: 200 W 40th Street (Corner of 7th Avenue)
New York, NY 10018
Sicilian NinJa: app#?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: scuse?
Sicilian NinJa: apparment number?
Sicilian NinJa: appartment
gentlemenMGOUFFE: 334 - 3rd floor
gentlemenMGOUFFE: now tell us your style of execution
Sicilian NinJa: depends
Sicilian NinJa: on how close i get to him
Sicilian NinJa: if i get inside undetected i usually wait in his bathroom
Sicilian NinJa: until he comes in to take a shit
gentlemenMGOUFFE: what if the bathroom reeks?
Sicilian NinJa: it wonth bother me..
Sicilian NinJa: he comes in
Sicilian NinJa: i sever his neck
Sicilian NinJa: its a quick and painless death
Sicilian NinJa: he wont even know what hit him
gentlemenMGOUFFE: but justain is one smelly fuck... justain is one of those big beefy jobs, especially when it comes to dropping logs
Sicilian NinJa: like i said
Sicilian NinJa: it wont concern me
Sicilian NinJa: im trained for this shit
Sicilian NinJa: i thought you wanted the best
Sicilian NinJa: so stop askin stupid question
Sicilian NinJa: s
gentlemenMGOUFFE: bring some of that "Oust" with you
gentlemenMGOUFFE: just in case
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you have a codename?
Sicilian NinJa: they call me
Sicilian NinJa: ninjor
gentlemenMGOUFFE: can you snipe?
Sicilian NinJa: of course
gentlemenMGOUFFE: beautiful
Sicilian NinJa: but ameteurs only snipe..
gentlemenMGOUFFE: our last sniper "Snaggletooth" was caught
Sicilian NinJa: of course he was
gentlemenMGOUFFE: he told us he was the best but he was a joke
Sicilian NinJa: forensics these days can tell the exact time of day, exact gun, and distance the bullet was shot from
Sicilian NinJa: i wouldnt go for it
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ...we have out ways of going undetected
Sicilian NinJa: by the way
Sicilian NinJa: what is your orginization called
Sicilian NinJa: ?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we have a front which is a delicatessen in forest park, queens
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we are known as The Red Fiore
Sicilian NinJa: i see
gentlemenMGOUFFE: how do you expect to enter the bathroom?
Sicilian NinJa: i have my ways
Sicilian NinJa: it doesnt have to be the bathroom
Sicilian NinJa: ill survey the seen
Sicilian NinJa: dont worry bout how i do it
Sicilian NinJa: ill just get it done
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we can send backup if you need it
Sicilian NinJa: i wont need it
Sicilian NinJa: you type slow...
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im talking 50 italians surrounding the apartment complex armed with brass knuckles and/or salami sticks
Sicilian NinJa: like somone i know...
Sicilian NinJa: someone...
gentlemenMGOUFFE: scuse?
Sicilian NinJa: what is your name??
gentlemenMGOUFFE: my name is knuckles
Sicilian NinJa: code name?
Sicilian NinJa: it is?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: knuckles
Sicilian NinJa: hhmm
Sicilian NinJa: more like
Sicilian NinJa: someone whos name starts with a j...
gentlemenMGOUFFE: knuckles doesnt start with a j
Sicilian NinJa: your real name
Sicilian NinJa: jack
Sicilian NinJa: y
gentlemenMGOUFFE: jacky?
Sicilian NinJa: hmm
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im sorry it is not
Sicilian NinJa: you seem to know
Sicilian NinJa: you sure?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i am certain
gentlemenMGOUFFE: my real name is tony capicola
Sicilian NinJa: i see
Sicilian NinJa: whered you get my name from?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: an unknown referrer
gentlemenMGOUFFE: via fax
Sicilian NinJa: how do i know its not a trap?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: it's not a trap because we have tiramisu
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and us italians dont take tiramisu lightly
Sicilian NinJa: this is true
gentlemenMGOUFFE: but of course
Sicilian NinJa: yeta
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we will keep trackm of justain's position in the city over a 48 hour period after your deployment
gentlemenMGOUFFE: failuse to seize the subject results in death by ice cream truck
Sicilian NinJa: affirmatve
gentlemenMGOUFFE: there will be men all over new york city. it will not be hard finding the subject
Sicilian NinJa: i knwo
gentlemenMGOUFFE: as for now, take care. you will be getting a phone call during the course of this week about the job.
Sicilian NinJa: affirmative
Sicilian NinJa: what is my #?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: don fellatio has it
Sicilian NinJa: you sure?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: affirmative
Sicilian NinJa: dont let me down..
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and you dont let us down either
gentlemenMGOUFFE: take care ninjor

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Saturday, July 24th, 2004
11:05 pm

So we've come to the conclusion that were gonna detonate this shit right back up.

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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
7:08 pm - Pearl Harbor!

GunnysonHOW: hey, umm.......... you smell terrible
So Hip Im Hop: ...
So Hip Im Hop: ure not gonna tell, are u?
GunnysonHOW: the name's cambridge faglisan
GunnysonHOW: and rest assured im gonna tell
So Hip Im Hop: *phew*
So Hip Im Hop: so is this a blackmail thing or...?
GunnysonHOW: you gota work on that stench or something. stop breathing into colstomy bags or whatever makes you sweat
GunnysonHOW: remember "the only way to catch tiger cubs is to go into the tiger's den"
So Hip Im Hop: check
So Hip Im Hop: is that it?
GunnysonHOW: "advancement will come with hard work" (lucky numbers 2, 4, 6, 29, 46, 47).
So Hip Im Hop: alright, u lost it
So Hip Im Hop: who is this and what do ya want?
So Hip Im Hop: loosing my interest
GunnysonHOW: why dont you sell yourself
So Hip Im Hop: going....
GunnysonHOW: ...to science
So Hip Im Hop: goinggggggg
So Hip Im Hop: GAWN!
GunnysonHOW: wait!
So Hip Im Hop: 1!
GunnysonHOW: ill spit shine your car!!!
GunnysonHOW: and jew it up with your extended family!!!
So Hip Im Hop: JEW!
So Hip Im Hop: more like EW!
GunnysonHOW: they like bagels
So Hip Im Hop: i dont like u
GunnysonHOW: yes you do
So Hip Im Hop: not likely
GunnysonHOW: cuz im jimmy superfly snuka!
So Hip Im Hop: who?
GunnysonHOW: JIMMY SUPERFLY SNUKA!!! rising star of the late 70's wrestling world!
So Hip Im Hop: ure borrrinnggg
So Hip Im Hop: tell me who dis iss or we're not gonna talk
So Hip Im Hop: ever
GunnysonHOW: and your period smells
GunnysonHOW: like jew
So Hip Im Hop: impossible
So Hip Im Hop: bye
GunnysonHOW: fine, go eat gefilte fish
So Hip Im Hop: im not jewish
So Hip Im Hop: only jews eat that shit
So Hip Im Hop: idiot
GunnysonHOW: ok then, go nibble on communion hosts!!!!!!!!
So Hip Im Hop: haha
GunnysonHOW: or a preist's giggle-stick!!
So Hip Im Hop: mmmm
GunnysonHOW: open wide! HERE COMES THE MONEY SHOT! =-O
So Hip Im Hop: ok seriously
GunnysonHOW: seriously guys
So Hip Im Hop: who is this?
So Hip Im Hop: ause if u dont tell me im blocking u
So Hip Im Hop: and then what ru gonna do?
GunnysonHOW: ok seriously this is cambridge faglisan
GunnysonHOW: or fred astaire
So Hip Im Hop: Cambridge
So Hip Im Hop: OK
So Hip Im Hop: bye
GunnysonHOW: later sucka
So Hip Im Hop signed off at 7:19:11 PM.


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Saturday, May 8th, 2004
10:51 pm - mao zedong

gogetempowson: Im gonna kick you in the face and punch you in the asshole!
gogetempowson: then im going to car bomb starbucks
gogetempowson: and shit all over the place
OneAndOnlyMurf: thats nice
gogetempowson: you must be the one they call dee murphy
OneAndOnlyMurf: that i am
gogetempowson: i was sent to smite you with some vengance or possilby vengenace you with some smiting
gogetempowson: but then i heard of this obesely fat jewish kid named mike weinman
gogetempowson: and i knew he must be smited first
OneAndOnlyMurf: of course. the jews must always go first.
gogetempowson: hmm.
gogetempowson: i like you, what say we destroy the world
gogetempowson: jews first
gogetempowson: n naturally
OneAndOnlyMurf: yes. lets do it.
OneAndOnlyMurf: we need a plan first
gogetempowson: operation bagel
gogetempowson: we get a giant bagel
gogetempowson: then we dropkick the jews into its sticky bread stuff.
gogetempowson: then we set the bagel on fire
gogetempowson: it'll be like the holocaust
OneAndOnlyMurf: is it raison or sesame. that makes a difference you know.
gogetempowson: only itll smell a shitload worse
gogetempowson: its everything!
gogetempowson: or pumpernickel
OneAndOnlyMurf: damn. thats pretty smelly then.
gogetempowson: thats this weinman kids jew name now
OneAndOnlyMurf: wow, i guess we're going all out
gogetempowson: very smelly
gogetempowson: totally
gogetempowson: we need 1.6 million dollars
gogetempowson: maybe i should get a corparate sponsor
gogetempowson: like jetblue
gogetempowson: or comet cleaners inc.
OneAndOnlyMurf: i'm pretty sure we can jack it from this kids mom
gogetempowson: good
OneAndOnlyMurf: but jetblue is cool too
gogetempowson: but can we ask jetblue anyway?
gogetempowson: sick
OneAndOnlyMurf: of course
gogetempowson: i can name you 5 reasons why continetal sucks jetblues dick
OneAndOnlyMurf: they get bubbles up their woopsie-daisie?
gogetempowson: don't forget your hat
gogetempowson: and go jet blue
gogetempowson: go braves go braves go braves
gogetempowson: j-e-t-s jets jets jets
gogetempowson: thats my 5 reasons
OneAndOnlyMurf: all righty then. i dig those reasons.
gogetempowson: Christopher reeves and helen keller star inTRoxLer the epitomy of opera careers
gogetempowson: Can you feel the love tonight sung by people who have disablities
gogetempowson: i say sold out show first 7 nights
OneAndOnlyMurf: that may be a strech
gogetempowson: are you asking for a challenge?
OneAndOnlyMurf: maybe
gogetempowson: well that sucks cause our plan needs total cooperation
gogetempowson: but if you wanna get sars ill have to rough you up a bit
OneAndOnlyMurf: i'll keep that in mind
gogetempowson: ive got chinese fists of fury
gogetempowson: blinks who are you
gogetempowson: i need gayer clothes!
gogetempowson: earth wind and fires greatest hits
OneAndOnlyMurf: what do you mean "blink"?
gogetempowson: it means blink you in the vagina
gogetempowson: with a hammer
OneAndOnlyMurf: ouch

WARNING: system overload. Gamby has lost his 0wn3d m!n[)

g4m3 0ve|2

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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
8:20 pm - drummer from foghat?

xKilledInMotion: brian, leaveeee me alone
gentlemanmgouffe: im sorry
gentlemanmgouffe: but im not brian
gentlemanmgouffe: im the drummer from FOGHAT
xKilledInMotion: youre gamby
gentlemanmgouffe: duga duga dug!
gentlemanmgouffe: anywas
gentlemanmgouffe: hi
xKilledInMotion: you and brian are in serious need of a new hobby
xKilledInMotion: hi
gentlemanmgouffe: yea
gentlemanmgouffe: we do need to get out more
xKilledInMotion: haha yup
gentlemanmgouffe: brian said he can't leave the hosue cause he has lymphoma
xKilledInMotion: haha
xKilledInMotion: he was supposed to come over today
xKilledInMotion: but im sick so mommie said no
gentlemanmgouffe: =(
gentlemanmgouffe: he better play nfs underground this weekend or im gonna sledge hammer his ballsack
gentlemanmgouffe: with a sodlering iron
xKilledInMotion: haha
xKilledInMotion: no! dont do that
gentlemanmgouffe: well, itll make him better at that dance dance revolution game
xKilledInMotion: haha... he doesnt need to be any better
xKilledInMotion: he plays too much
gentlemanmgouffe: exactly
gentlemanmgouffe: but having less of a sack would be able to maximize the chinese ability needed to dance what a machine tells you to do
xKilledInMotion: haha
xKilledInMotion: but it would hurt him in the girl dept.
gentlemanmgouffe: but if your such a mad pimp at a shitty game
gentlemanmgouffe: masturbation is key for hand eye coordination
xKilledInMotion: haha
xKilledInMotion: but if he didnt have balls he couldnt cum
xKilledInMotion: and that jsut wouldnt be fun
gentlemanmgouffe: less mess
gentlemanmgouffe: better reaction time
gentlemanmgouffe: im just kidding
xKilledInMotion: haha
gentlemanmgouffe: word on the street is your cute
xKilledInMotion: tooo cute
gentlemanmgouffe: yep
xKilledInMotion: oops wrong im
xKilledInMotion: i am not i assure yoy
xKilledInMotion: *you
gentlemanmgouffe: yea
gentlemanmgouffe: trust me
gentlemanmgouffe: mike wienman is fat
xKilledInMotion: whos that?
gentlemanmgouffe: a fat kid
gentlemanmgouffe: his mom parked her "minivan" on the diving board once
gentlemanmgouffe: trust me hes 500 pounds
gentlemanmgouffe: and sublime rules fat people
gentlemanmgouffe: he eats these gefilte fish
gentlemanmgouffe: and its so jewish
gentlemanmgouffe: i threw up 74 times before i scissor kicked the menorah off his head
gentlemanmgouffe: like william tell,only more jewish

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
9:23 pm - Gettin' medieval on their asses...

gentlemenMGOUFFE: good morrow, kind shrew!
TwistedFragile: hey
gentlemenMGOUFFE: who art thou?
TwistedFragile: who art THOU?
TwistedFragile: for THEE imed ME
TwistedFragile: lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thy moniker is Lord Ted DiBiase
TwistedFragile: okay now you have confused me
TwistedFragile: my name is krystina who is this lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: Lord Ted DiBiase
TwistedFragile: ~kneels~ allo my lord. where do you hail from lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thou art hails from worcester, massachusetts, camelot
gentlemenMGOUFFE: where doth ye hail from my lady?
TwistedFragile: new yawk.
TwistedFragile: whered ya get my sn from
gentlemenMGOUFFE: from tupping thy mother
TwistedFragile: eh?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: concieving thy beast with two backs, ye
TwistedFragile: stop talking like that lol
TwistedFragile: im slow
gentlemenMGOUFFE: nay!
TwistedFragile: lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: why doth thou ask thee a question of the sort?
TwistedFragile: because its bothering me ?
TwistedFragile: lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ye shall get a door slammethed in thy face!
TwistedFragile: no i wont
gentlemenMGOUFFE: prepare yeself for conflict!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and possibly some fighting!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: -action pose-

Props to Gamby
TwistedFragile: ~the crane~
TwistedFragile: wwwoooooooooo
gentlemenMGOUFFE: have at ye, moor!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i shall destroyeth thee and take thy fief!
TwistedFragile: k
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thou art the manifestation of the dark lord alfalfa, yea?
TwistedFragile: yea
gentlemenMGOUFFE: -sword thrust-
gentlemenMGOUFFE: consider thyself OWN3D. fly JetBlue
TwistedFragile: fuck jetblue


current mood: cheerful

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
8:30 pm - Suckin' marrow

I went "undercover" on this one...

gentlemenMGOTH: hey man
Opulens Apollyon: hey, whos this
gentlemenMGOTH: just call me azreal raventhrust bathory
gentlemenMGOTH: you run the site www.ligoths.tk, correct?
Opulens Apollyon: yes
gentlemenMGOTH: i was checkin it out and i was wonderin if you were interested in an award of creativity
Opulens Apollyon: hmm, that sounds pretty kool
gentlemenMGOTH wants to directly connect.
Opulens Apollyon is now directly connected.
gentlemenMGOTH: http://www.angelfire.com/md/gina/images/creativityA.gif
gentlemenMGOTH: pound that sucker on
Opulens Apollyon: kool, thx
gentlemenMGOTH: so tell me about yourself
Opulens Apollyon: well, i live in yuppie hell AkA long island
gentlemenMGOTH: im from parts unknown muwahahhaa
Opulens Apollyon: heh
gentlemenMGOTH: no really. im from chechnya
Opulens Apollyon: thats kool
gentlemenMGOTH: what are your hobbies?
Opulens Apollyon: well, im into music, killing innocent virgins and bathing in there blood to stay eternally young, shopping, painting, writing poetry
gentlemenMGOTH: i enjoy prowling the street at night for young virgins, old virgins, and virgin thoroughbreds. other than that, i travel a lot. GO JET BLUE!!
Opulens Apollyon: lol
gentlemenMGOTH: what about music?
Opulens Apollyon: i am into different types of music, and im also into making my own, once i find a couple people i can start a group
gentlemenMGOTH: how you like your eggs cooked?
Opulens Apollyon: lol, scrambled with cheese
gentlemenMGOTH: thats FANGtastic!
gentlemenMGOTH: i dont like eggs. i substitute it by cracking open a mortal's body and let it settle in my wok. very low cal and amazingly scrumptious.
Opulens Apollyon: heh, woks are ok, but dutch oven is the way to go, it gets those hearts cooked in under 10 minutes!
gentlemenMGOTH: i threw a conformist into the dutch oven once. he wouldnt stop "frontin'" so i went on the warpath.
Opulens Apollyon: lol
Opulens Apollyon: you know, if you grind up a yuppie and boil it, you get a nice smooth beverage
gentlemenMGOTH: thats the stuff wishes are made of
Opulens Apollyon: hehe
Opulens Apollyon: what kind of music do you listen to
gentlemenMGOTH: jazz fusion
gentlemenMGOTH: and dimmu borgir
Opulens Apollyon: dimmu borgir fuckin rocks
Opulens Apollyon: how about cradle of filth
gentlemenMGOTH: of course
gentlemenMGOTH: and D12
Opulens Apollyon: im a huge cradle fan
gentlemenMGOTH: how about conga master pablo sanchez?
Opulens Apollyon: lol, never heard of him
gentlemenMGOTH: he can destroy all fucking civilization!!!!!!!!!
Opulens Apollyon: lol, so, im curious, how did you get my SN
gentlemenMGOTH: from your site
Opulens Apollyon: hm, i dont remeber putting my sn on my site...h/o 1 sec, my memory is shit, im gonna go check my site...lol
gentlemenMGOTH: hurry, wolfman is on the loose again and it's my ass he's after
Opulens Apollyon: lol, i dont see it anywhere
gentlemenMGOTH: i've had u on my buddy list for quite a while, i just never got around to awarding you. that's probably why
Opulens Apollyon: oh, ok, whatever, just curious..lol
gentlemenMGOTH: cool cool
Opulens Apollyon: thx for that by the way
gentlemenMGOTH: no probs
gentlemenMGOTH: hey man you know what really sucks?
Opulens Apollyon: what
gentlemenMGOTH: cock rings. no joke
gentlemenMGOTH: i mean, it's erotic at first, but then you gotta get the damn thing off. it's an adventure in itself
Opulens Apollyon: lol
gentlemenMGOTH: sorry to get off topic. anyway...
Opulens Apollyon: lol
Opulens Apollyon: its ok
gentlemenMGOTH: so when did you turn to the dark side?
Opulens Apollyon: ive been me my whole life, but i didnt start dressing goth really till early high school, thats when i stopped really caring and just wanted to be myself. Ive been happy ever since
gentlemenMGOTH: amen to that. same here man
Opulens Apollyon: kool
Opulens Apollyon: so, are you in school
gentlemenMGOTH: yeah
Opulens Apollyon: what year
gentlemenMGOTH: 8th, you?
Opulens Apollyon: im almost in second semester of college
gentlemenMGOTH: btw, i didnt mean i started being goth in high school. ive had the mindset since pre-k
Opulens Apollyon: same here
gentlemenMGOTH: i murdered the entire chechnyan government at the age of 9
gentlemenMGOTH: but shh! noone heard that
Opulens Apollyon: lol
gentlemenMGOTH: i got left back a lot. im actually 1708 years old
gentlemenMGOTH: my gothic allure keeps me going
Opulens Apollyon: well, if you really want to stay young, the bathory principle always works, blood of 1000 virgins, better than skin creme!
gentlemenMGOTH: oh bathory my ass. she wasnt THAT evil
gentlemenMGOTH: tipper gore... now THAT'S pure evil
Opulens Apollyon: lmao
gentlemenMGOTH: grrr my cell phone of death is running low on energy
Opulens Apollyon: heh, i hate cell phones, i have one, i use it, but i hate it
gentlemenMGOTH: paralyze it!!!! then suck out the marrow!!!!!
gentlemenMGOTH: you'll live forever on electric energy!!!!!!!!
Opulens Apollyon: hehe
gentlemenMGOTH: thats what i did to my great grandson, vlad tepes III
gentlemenMGOTH: i whooped that queers pale little ass. unfortunately that's the reason why he impaled so many people... it was result of teenage angst gone awry :-\
Opulens Apollyon: lol
Opulens Apollyon: ill brb, im going out for a ciggarette.
gentlemenMGOTH: i must make my departure as well... mother wants to give me a sponge bath.
gentlemenMGOTH: farewell fellow dark rider of the night
Opulens Apollyon: ok man, see you in your nightmares


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Monday, May 3rd, 2004
3:41 pm

I gotts to recruit more bitches into this shit.

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3:39 pm - yo

what is up all?

Get some mo pranks in this bizooootch.

Ya heard?

I heard?



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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
8:39 pm - just because it was weird

gogetempowson: Oh shes got a pickle to ride she's got a pickle to ride ide ide she's got a pickle to ride and she don't care
bankshot joe: gamby..
gogetempowson: FUCK

bankshot joe: ?
bankshot joe: lol
gogetempowson: lol
gogetempowson: i hate you
gogetempowson: and niggers
gogetempowson: MEASFASGHDFJ
gogetempowson: mexicants
bankshot joe: mexiSPICS!
gogetempowson: yea
gogetempowson: fucking i wanted to prank you
gogetempowson: then reveal my identiy
gogetempowson: but i hath been discoverth
gogetempowson: ed
bankshot joe: im the man
bankshot joe: alwasy rememebr this
gogetempowson: lol
gogetempowson: yooooooooooooda
bankshot joe: next time you prank someone
bankshot joe: change
bankshot joe: your
bankshot joe: font
note: size 72 font used
gogetempowson: ?
bankshot joe: use
bankshot joe: the default font
bankshot joe: times new roman
gogetempowson: ;>)
bankshot joe: i can make bears
bankshot joe:
gogetempowson: wtf
bankshot joe:
gogetempowson: MGAICLAKFDSA
gogetempowson: GIGANTOMOUS
bankshot joe: BONEER!
gogetempowson: CLAMHAT
bankshot joe: ill ttyl
gogetempowson: k man pz
bankshot joe: i ahve to do a project now
gogetempowson: sad bear
gogetempowson: :>(
gogetempowson: sad jew
bankshot joe: druk barea!
gogetempowson: haha

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Thursday, April 29th, 2004
8:29 pm - Fun with math!

gentlemenMGOUFFE: let us think of a vertical number line that is tangent to a unit circle so that a point representing 0 on the number line coincides with a point on the circle.
l337hitchhiker: ?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: some corresponding points can be the the positive ray of the number line making a single rotation about the circle.
l337hitchhiker: who is this
gentlemenMGOUFFE: each point on the circle determines the terminal ray of a central angle of a circle. the radian measure of an angle in standard position is equal to the coordinate of the corresponding point on the number line.
l337hitchhiker: wtf
gentlemenMGOUFFE: for example, a point whose coordinate is 2 on a number line corresponds to a point on the unit circle that determines an angle whose radian measure is 2.
l337hitchhiker: who the hell is this
gentlemenMGOUFFE: similarly, a point whose coordinate is pi/2 (approx. 1.5708) on the number line corresponds to a point on the unit circle that determines an angle whose radian measure is pi/2, that is, a right angle
l337hitchhiker: so whats the point\
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we can continue to wrap the positive ray of the number line about the circle in a counterclockwise direction.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: in the same way, we can wrap the negative ray of the number line about the circle in a clockwise direction.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and under this wrapping function, every point on the real-number line corresponds to one, and ONLY ONE point on that circle.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: do you understand?
l337hitchhiker: to an extant enough to know part of it
l337hitchhiker: but who hte hell are you
gentlemenMGOUFFE: very good... moving on...
gentlemenMGOUFFE: there is, however, an infinite number of points on the real-number linethat correspond to the same point on the unit circle.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: would you like an example?
l337hitchhiker: sure
l337hitchhiker: ?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: the points that represent the real numbers 0, 2pi, -2pi, 4pi, -4pi, 6pi, -6pi, and so on, all correspond to point (1, 0) on the circle, that is, the point thst determines a central angle of 0 radian.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: this set of real numbers is indicated by the expression 2piK, where K represents any integer.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: is it all sinking in? because it's going to get a bit harder now.
l337hitchhiker: one more time old man npc
gentlemenMGOUFFE: tough luck... anyway, as i was saying...
gentlemenMGOUFFE: in the same way, the set of points whose real numbers are of the form 2+2piK for all integral values of k corresponds to a point on the unit circle that determines a central angle of 2 radians.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we will use this correspondence between points on the real-number line and the radian measures of angles of a unit circle to graph trigonometric functions.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and that concludes our lesson.
l337hitchhiker: sweet
gentlemenMGOUFFE: dont forget to study, fishlips
l337hitchhiker: ok so who is this
gentlemenMGOUFFE: professor m. gouffe
gentlemenMGOUFFE: goodbye


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8:22 pm - Body Wars

gentlemenMGOUFFE: hey, whats your favorite alcohol?
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: lol
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i'm a liquor girl usually
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ahh i see
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: you?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you like partying?
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: yup
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yeah? well this is your liver. i wanted to tell you that if you keep drinking, im strikin' your ass with jaundice
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: hahaha
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: yea i know
gentlemenMGOUFFE: on top of that, when you poop in more colors than a bag of skittles dont be surprised
gentlemenMGOUFFE: as for the partying, im sure one day youre gonna run into my buddy "the clap". he's from the mean streets of rectumville
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i do not lol
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: just because i party doesn't mean i sleep around
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yeah? well how would you like an obstruction of the flow of bile out of the liver sweetheart?
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: whats your point
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: are you trying to get me to stop drinking or something?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: did you know that apart from the brain, i'm the most complex organ in the body?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: when you drink, i feel like ive got cerebal freakin' palsy
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: sounds like fun
gentlemenMGOUFFE: oh yeah, if you like getting saliva all oer the moulding of someones house
gentlemenMGOUFFE: seriously, do you know what happened to your cystic duct last saturday?
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i don't mind....its not my house
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: how did you know about that duct ?
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i tried to keep him a secret
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yeah? well he's in a cast for the next three weeks thanks to you
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i'm aware but hes recovering on a happy note
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: theres no need to bring that guy back down he knows what hes been through
gentlemenMGOUFFE: he's been through too much
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i get your point
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: but he secretly told me he's ready for more!!!
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: in fact....wheres that shot glass
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: lets get this party goin NOW!
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: well i'm afraid you don't know him as well as i do
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: my fine fellow
gentlemenMGOUFFE: maybe you should get a section c
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i prefer section f
gentlemenMGOUFFE: give him some fresh air
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: well i didn't tell you this before but i'm your brain
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i know you havn't heard from me in a long time
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: so this comes as a surprise
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i think its about time you start using me some more
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: instead of keeping that nice head of yours up your ass all the time
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: darling
gentlemenMGOUFFE: oh yeah? well i'm really your penis
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and im gonna make you my bitch
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: thats funny
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: sounds like a good time
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i take it you as well like the penis
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i love myself.. unlike you
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: well i'm glad my penis loves itself
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i treat you right though
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i got a strap-on uzi right here. im not afraid to go to work right now on your duodenum
gentlemenMGOUFFE: Youll be all like "Ow! My duodenum's acting up!"
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: happens all the time
gentlemenMGOUFFE: no joking.
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: not a big deal buddy
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im a big man. im like being face to face with a rugby ball
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i prefer baseball
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you want me to call the clap?!?! DO YOU?!
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: sure bring him on
gentlemenMGOUFFE: cuz im warning you. he's a juggalo
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i already am good friends with his buddies syphillis and mr. herpes
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: syphillis doesn't really talk to me much anymore
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: but mr . herpes likes to visit quite often
gentlemenMGOUFFE: little do you know, sir syphillis and lord herpes are like pit bulls. they'll turn on you in the blink of an eye
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: they've been good to me thus far
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: thank you for the heads up though....matters like these must not be taken lightly
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yeah, well i gotta go develop that embryo you conjured up a month ago with that kid henry
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: thats been taken care of
gentlemenMGOUFFE: so ill be back.. im warning you

---10 Minutes later---

gentlemenMGOUFFE: one more thing... im your vagina too
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: so what AREN'T you on my body? you seem to have been so many things lately
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ohh dont fuck with me. i'll put period blood in your home water supply.
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i'm on the pill thanks
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: you should know that dragon breath
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i knifed that pill 5 minutes after you swallowed it
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: o really........what time was that approximately ?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: it ain't doin any good honey
gentlemenMGOUFFE: sooner or later, youll submit
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: submit to what
gentlemenMGOUFFE: the worst period of your life
gentlemenMGOUFFE: it'll be so bad, you could probably get a job at the little league lobbing baseballs out of your vagina
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: i can't wait
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im not kidding. im a crazy motherfucker
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: we'll see
gentlemenMGOUFFE: bring it on!
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: its already been broughten
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im from the streets
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: interesting
gentlemenMGOUFFE: oh yeah, moscow represent
X JeN AnD JUiCeX: im-fucking-pressive


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8:19 pm - What was i thinking?

gentlemenMGOUFFE: hi
psilo9: ?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: this is jillian pfaeffle
gentlemenMGOUFFE: remember me? i bought a train whistle from you the other day
gentlemenMGOUFFE: well, it broke. and i was wondering if i could get my $3 back?
psilo9: ??
gentlemenMGOUFFE: what?
psilo9: sure you can
psilo9: that whistle was fucking priceless nig
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ok cool. where do you want to meet me?
psilo9: wherever
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im not sure where
psilo9: douche
gentlemenMGOUFFE: disposable douche?
psilo9: no, more like an enema
psilo9: like stiff, rigid
psilo9: filled with love
psilo9: i can honestly say
psilo9: i dont give a shit
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thats cool
psilo9: who be you?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: jillian pfaeffle
psilo9: erm, i dunno you
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i dont know you either. you just sold me a train whistle


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8:16 pm - []D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[] '

gentlemenMGOUFFE: choo choo!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: come aboard the hooooe train!
OoChalk WhiteoO: ?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: hey baby how are you this fine evening?
OoChalk WhiteoO: do i know u
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im an e-pimp named general cornrow-wallis
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i wanted to know if your fiiiine ass would like to be pimped
OoChalk WhiteoO: e-pimp? heh
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thats right baby
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you interested? you get a free starter set of skimpy e-lingerie
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you wanna take a ride on the hoe train?
OoChalk WhiteoO signed off at 1:18:05 AM.


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8:10 pm - WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?

gentlemenMGOUFFE: hey
habitatsk8ter04: who DIS is
gentlemenMGOUFFE: speak english
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and who is THIS?
habitatsk8ter04: who r u
habitatsk8ter04: u imed me
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and what are you doing on my screen name???
habitatsk8ter04: wut r u talkin about this is mine
habitatsk8ter04: i made and look at my profile
gentlemenMGOUFFE: did you hax0r me?
habitatsk8ter04: i made it too
habitatsk8ter04: wut
habitatsk8ter04: no
habitatsk8ter04: i don't even know wut that means so
habitatsk8ter04: later
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you fat nerd pimple-cheeked geek shit-plower bitch
habitatsk8ter04: KRAKA
gentlemenMGOUFFE: wait
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i wanna get to the bottom of this
habitatsk8ter04: u aint nutin but a KRAKA WANNA BE
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thats great
gentlemenMGOUFFE: but how long have you had this screen name?
habitatsk8ter04: i don't even know u or wabnt to know u
habitatsk8ter04: like months
habitatsk8ter04: no like 3 weeks
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes you do! I AM THE HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN!


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7:33 pm - My boss is a jewish carpenter

Qtpatoodee17: who is this
MGOUFFEINATOR: my names Chris
Qtpatoodee17: chris...
MGOUFFEINATOR: and you've just won ten thousand dollars!
Qtpatoodee17: who are you!?
Qtpatoodee17: how did u get me sn
MGOUFFEINATOR: I bought it off this hobo in some ally in NYC
MGOUFFEINATOR: said you were a rough one
Qtpatoodee17: a rough one?
MGOUFFEINATOR: yea, he said you banged the shit out of him
Qtpatoodee17: a hobo in nyc!?
Qtpatoodee17: WHAT!?
Qtpatoodee17: why would u say that??
MGOUFFEINATOR: hey I dunno what you do on your free time
Qtpatoodee17: i dont bang hobos
MGOUFFEINATOR: yea right, you stupid hobo banger
MGOUFFEINATOR: you must be crawling with STDS
Qtpatoodee17: thats distusting
MGOUFFEINATOR: how do you live with yourself?
Qtpatoodee17: how do u live with urself with that idea!?
Qtpatoodee17: thats appauling
MGOUFFEINATOR: hobos dont lie
MGOUFFEINATOR: besides I gave him a sandwich
Qtpatoodee17: why were u talkin to a hobo
MGOUFFEINATOR: he appeared out of a dream...or a trashcan
Qtpatoodee17: WHO ARE YOU!
MGOUFFEINATOR: and he wanted my sandwhich, he goes hey ill give you the sn of this girl Jessie who loves to bang people
Qtpatoodee17: how do u no my name!?
Qtpatoodee17: seriously
Qtpatoodee17: who are you
MGOUFFEINATOR: my names chris
MGOUFFEINATOR: Marty the hobo told me about you
Qtpatoodee17: wtf
Qtpatoodee17: sweetie i dont no ne hobos
Qtpatoodee17: who the hell are you
MGOUFFEINATOR: fine, its jesus
MGOUFFEINATOR: sorry I was bored, there isnt much to do in heaven, besides building tables
MGOUFFEINATOR: jewish carpenter pride!
Qtpatoodee17: who the hell are you!!!!!
Qtpatoodee17: there is no jesus!
MGOUFFEINATOR: you fellow jew
Qtpatoodee17: and if there was
Qtpatoodee17: iu dont htink hed be on the computer right now
MGOUFFEINATOR: we have awsome internet connections in heaven
MGOUFFEINATOR: its so fast, its godly!
Qtpatoodee17: oo that was a good one
MGOUFFEINATOR: so I would like to tell you, that you need to stop fucking homeless people
Qtpatoodee17: i did not fuck any homeless ppl
Qtpatoodee17: i didnt fuck neone!!!
MGOUFFEINATOR: your probably as loose as this nice rob im wearing
Qtpatoodee17: ew
Qtpatoodee17: thats discusting
MGOUFFEINATOR: stop fucking homeless people!
Qtpatoodee17: >:o
MGOUFFEINATOR: all they need is some love and a turkey sandwich


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7:49 pm - tag team?

ok this kids a phony

gogetempowson: hello. do you like metal music?
Kidrock 13333: yeah
gogetempowson: have you heard the band riptide?
Kidrock 13333: no
gogetempowson: i suggest checking them out
gogetempowson: they kick major ass
Kidrock 13333: ok
gogetempowson: what nabnds do you like?
insert 20min pause to look up horrible bands cept tool
Kidrock 13333: slipknot chimaira korn black sabbath tool a.p.c static x rammstein nirvana ect
gogetempowson: yea man you'll definatey like riptide
gogetempowson: go get the song drowning
gogetempowson: what countrys flag is your icon?
Kidrock 13333: russian
gogetempowson: what nationalites are you?
gogetempowson: im 100% isreali
Kidrock 13333: 80 russian 20 germen
gogetempowson: thats cool.
Kidrock 13333: yeah
Kidrock 13333: just a question how did you get my sn
gogetempowson: i did a search with everyone with rock in their name
gogetempowson: cause i wanna promo this band
Kidrock 13333: ok
gogetempowson: and another thing fishlips.
gogetempowson: WHO HUGS BUNNYS
gogetempowson: AND FROLICS
gogetempowson: THEY BURNED MY MOM


Brian's turn...

Kidrock 13333: i thought it was you
Kidrock 13333: no
Kidrock 13333: come on i visit my dead mom in a vase
Kidrock 13333: and your mom died in the holocaust you'd be like 60
Kidrock 13333: dont you start with that you dirty niggar
Kidrock 13333: go rape a passed out white bitch
gentlemenMGOUFFE: where?
Kidrock 13333: just look in your closet
Kidrock 13333: fuck you go pick some cotton before i get the whip
Kidrock 13333: boy
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i bet you drive a piece of shit car... or a bicycle
Kidrock 13333: a crappy ass moped
gentlemenMGOUFFE: HA you sissy mary!
Kidrock 13333: why dont you pick up your wellfare
gentlemenMGOUFFE: go play soccer with the other sissy maries!!!
Kidrock 13333: no
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i wirk at computer associates. I DONT HAVE A WELFARE CHECK
Kidrock 13333: sports are for people that give a shit and i dont
gentlemenMGOUFFE: what are you 5?
Kidrock 13333: no 15 cockface
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i am what i eat
Kidrock 13333: stupid faggot
gentlemenMGOUFFE: sissy mary. go wear calf warmers and fishnets
Kidrock 13333: um no
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and listen to michael jackson
Kidrock 13333: no
gentlemenMGOUFFE: please?
Kidrock 13333: no
Kidrock 13333: why dont you
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i already do
Kidrock 13333: no i'm from arizona not arkansas
Kidrock 13333: get it right fuckoff
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you sun-bathing hick!!!!!!!!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: go bake in the adobe!!!
Kidrock 13333: what i'm not some fucking wetback
gentlemenMGOUFFE: whatre you talking about?! im a kraut!
Kidrock 13333: then got eat your weinerschnitzels
gentlemenMGOUFFE: good one sweetheart
Kidrock 13333: i know
Here comes the turnaround.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: so, how's life?
Kidrock 13333: ok
gentlemenMGOUFFE: same here
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im watching tv and listening to my cd
Kidrock 13333: how was dan in resource today
gentlemenMGOUFFE: AH! you butthead!!!!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: hahaahhah

Verdict: BUSTED!

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