Buh-rian (afireinbabylon) wrote in gouffatron,

My boss is a jewish carpenter

Qtpatoodee17: who is this
MGOUFFEINATOR: my names Chris
Qtpatoodee17: chris...
MGOUFFEINATOR: and you've just won ten thousand dollars!
Qtpatoodee17: who are you!?
Qtpatoodee17: how did u get me sn
MGOUFFEINATOR: I bought it off this hobo in some ally in NYC
MGOUFFEINATOR: said you were a rough one
Qtpatoodee17: a rough one?
MGOUFFEINATOR: yea, he said you banged the shit out of him
Qtpatoodee17: a hobo in nyc!?
Qtpatoodee17: WHAT!?
Qtpatoodee17: why would u say that??
MGOUFFEINATOR: hey I dunno what you do on your free time
Qtpatoodee17: i dont bang hobos
MGOUFFEINATOR: yea right, you stupid hobo banger
MGOUFFEINATOR: you must be crawling with STDS
Qtpatoodee17: thats distusting
MGOUFFEINATOR: how do you live with yourself?
Qtpatoodee17: how do u live with urself with that idea!?
Qtpatoodee17: thats appauling
MGOUFFEINATOR: hobos dont lie
MGOUFFEINATOR: besides I gave him a sandwich
Qtpatoodee17: why were u talkin to a hobo
MGOUFFEINATOR: he appeared out of a dream...or a trashcan
Qtpatoodee17: WHO ARE YOU!
MGOUFFEINATOR: and he wanted my sandwhich, he goes hey ill give you the sn of this girl Jessie who loves to bang people
Qtpatoodee17: how do u no my name!?
Qtpatoodee17: seriously
Qtpatoodee17: who are you
MGOUFFEINATOR: my names chris
MGOUFFEINATOR: Marty the hobo told me about you
Qtpatoodee17: wtf
Qtpatoodee17: sweetie i dont no ne hobos
Qtpatoodee17: who the hell are you
MGOUFFEINATOR: fine, its jesus
MGOUFFEINATOR: sorry I was bored, there isnt much to do in heaven, besides building tables
MGOUFFEINATOR: jewish carpenter pride!
Qtpatoodee17: who the hell are you!!!!!
Qtpatoodee17: there is no jesus!
MGOUFFEINATOR: you fellow jew
Qtpatoodee17: and if there was
Qtpatoodee17: iu dont htink hed be on the computer right now
MGOUFFEINATOR: we have awsome internet connections in heaven
MGOUFFEINATOR: its so fast, its godly!
Qtpatoodee17: oo that was a good one
MGOUFFEINATOR: so I would like to tell you, that you need to stop fucking homeless people
Qtpatoodee17: i did not fuck any homeless ppl
Qtpatoodee17: i didnt fuck neone!!!
MGOUFFEINATOR: your probably as loose as this nice rob im wearing
Qtpatoodee17: ew
Qtpatoodee17: thats discusting
MGOUFFEINATOR: stop fucking homeless people!
Qtpatoodee17: >:o
MGOUFFEINATOR: all they need is some love and a turkey sandwich

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