Buh-rian (afireinbabylon) wrote in gouffatron,

What was i thinking?

gentlemenMGOUFFE: hi
psilo9: ?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: this is jillian pfaeffle
gentlemenMGOUFFE: remember me? i bought a train whistle from you the other day
gentlemenMGOUFFE: well, it broke. and i was wondering if i could get my $3 back?
psilo9: ??
gentlemenMGOUFFE: what?
psilo9: sure you can
psilo9: that whistle was fucking priceless nig
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ok cool. where do you want to meet me?
psilo9: wherever
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im not sure where
psilo9: douche
gentlemenMGOUFFE: disposable douche?
psilo9: no, more like an enema
psilo9: like stiff, rigid
psilo9: filled with love
psilo9: i can honestly say
psilo9: i dont give a shit
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thats cool
psilo9: who be you?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: jillian pfaeffle
psilo9: erm, i dunno you
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i dont know you either. you just sold me a train whistle

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