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Suckin' marrow

I went "undercover" on this one...

gentlemenMGOTH: hey man
Opulens Apollyon: hey, whos this
gentlemenMGOTH: just call me azreal raventhrust bathory
gentlemenMGOTH: you run the site www.ligoths.tk, correct?
Opulens Apollyon: yes
gentlemenMGOTH: i was checkin it out and i was wonderin if you were interested in an award of creativity
Opulens Apollyon: hmm, that sounds pretty kool
gentlemenMGOTH wants to directly connect.
Opulens Apollyon is now directly connected.
gentlemenMGOTH: http://www.angelfire.com/md/gina/images/creativityA.gif
gentlemenMGOTH: pound that sucker on
Opulens Apollyon: kool, thx
gentlemenMGOTH: so tell me about yourself
Opulens Apollyon: well, i live in yuppie hell AkA long island
gentlemenMGOTH: im from parts unknown muwahahhaa
Opulens Apollyon: heh
gentlemenMGOTH: no really. im from chechnya
Opulens Apollyon: thats kool
gentlemenMGOTH: what are your hobbies?
Opulens Apollyon: well, im into music, killing innocent virgins and bathing in there blood to stay eternally young, shopping, painting, writing poetry
gentlemenMGOTH: i enjoy prowling the street at night for young virgins, old virgins, and virgin thoroughbreds. other than that, i travel a lot. GO JET BLUE!!
Opulens Apollyon: lol
gentlemenMGOTH: what about music?
Opulens Apollyon: i am into different types of music, and im also into making my own, once i find a couple people i can start a group
gentlemenMGOTH: how you like your eggs cooked?
Opulens Apollyon: lol, scrambled with cheese
gentlemenMGOTH: thats FANGtastic!
gentlemenMGOTH: i dont like eggs. i substitute it by cracking open a mortal's body and let it settle in my wok. very low cal and amazingly scrumptious.
Opulens Apollyon: heh, woks are ok, but dutch oven is the way to go, it gets those hearts cooked in under 10 minutes!
gentlemenMGOTH: i threw a conformist into the dutch oven once. he wouldnt stop "frontin'" so i went on the warpath.
Opulens Apollyon: lol
Opulens Apollyon: you know, if you grind up a yuppie and boil it, you get a nice smooth beverage
gentlemenMGOTH: thats the stuff wishes are made of
Opulens Apollyon: hehe
Opulens Apollyon: what kind of music do you listen to
gentlemenMGOTH: jazz fusion
gentlemenMGOTH: and dimmu borgir
Opulens Apollyon: dimmu borgir fuckin rocks
Opulens Apollyon: how about cradle of filth
gentlemenMGOTH: of course
gentlemenMGOTH: and D12
Opulens Apollyon: im a huge cradle fan
gentlemenMGOTH: how about conga master pablo sanchez?
Opulens Apollyon: lol, never heard of him
gentlemenMGOTH: he can destroy all fucking civilization!!!!!!!!!
Opulens Apollyon: lol, so, im curious, how did you get my SN
gentlemenMGOTH: from your site
Opulens Apollyon: hm, i dont remeber putting my sn on my site...h/o 1 sec, my memory is shit, im gonna go check my site...lol
gentlemenMGOTH: hurry, wolfman is on the loose again and it's my ass he's after
Opulens Apollyon: lol, i dont see it anywhere
gentlemenMGOTH: i've had u on my buddy list for quite a while, i just never got around to awarding you. that's probably why
Opulens Apollyon: oh, ok, whatever, just curious..lol
gentlemenMGOTH: cool cool
Opulens Apollyon: thx for that by the way
gentlemenMGOTH: no probs
gentlemenMGOTH: hey man you know what really sucks?
Opulens Apollyon: what
gentlemenMGOTH: cock rings. no joke
gentlemenMGOTH: i mean, it's erotic at first, but then you gotta get the damn thing off. it's an adventure in itself
Opulens Apollyon: lol
gentlemenMGOTH: sorry to get off topic. anyway...
Opulens Apollyon: lol
Opulens Apollyon: its ok
gentlemenMGOTH: so when did you turn to the dark side?
Opulens Apollyon: ive been me my whole life, but i didnt start dressing goth really till early high school, thats when i stopped really caring and just wanted to be myself. Ive been happy ever since
gentlemenMGOTH: amen to that. same here man
Opulens Apollyon: kool
Opulens Apollyon: so, are you in school
gentlemenMGOTH: yeah
Opulens Apollyon: what year
gentlemenMGOTH: 8th, you?
Opulens Apollyon: im almost in second semester of college
gentlemenMGOTH: btw, i didnt mean i started being goth in high school. ive had the mindset since pre-k
Opulens Apollyon: same here
gentlemenMGOTH: i murdered the entire chechnyan government at the age of 9
gentlemenMGOTH: but shh! noone heard that
Opulens Apollyon: lol
gentlemenMGOTH: i got left back a lot. im actually 1708 years old
gentlemenMGOTH: my gothic allure keeps me going
Opulens Apollyon: well, if you really want to stay young, the bathory principle always works, blood of 1000 virgins, better than skin creme!
gentlemenMGOTH: oh bathory my ass. she wasnt THAT evil
gentlemenMGOTH: tipper gore... now THAT'S pure evil
Opulens Apollyon: lmao
gentlemenMGOTH: grrr my cell phone of death is running low on energy
Opulens Apollyon: heh, i hate cell phones, i have one, i use it, but i hate it
gentlemenMGOTH: paralyze it!!!! then suck out the marrow!!!!!
gentlemenMGOTH: you'll live forever on electric energy!!!!!!!!
Opulens Apollyon: hehe
gentlemenMGOTH: thats what i did to my great grandson, vlad tepes III
gentlemenMGOTH: i whooped that queers pale little ass. unfortunately that's the reason why he impaled so many people... it was result of teenage angst gone awry :-\
Opulens Apollyon: lol
Opulens Apollyon: ill brb, im going out for a ciggarette.
gentlemenMGOTH: i must make my departure as well... mother wants to give me a sponge bath.
gentlemenMGOTH: farewell fellow dark rider of the night
Opulens Apollyon: ok man, see you in your nightmares

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