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Gettin' medieval on their asses...

gentlemenMGOUFFE: good morrow, kind shrew!
TwistedFragile: hey
gentlemenMGOUFFE: who art thou?
TwistedFragile: who art THOU?
TwistedFragile: for THEE imed ME
TwistedFragile: lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thy moniker is Lord Ted DiBiase
TwistedFragile: okay now you have confused me
TwistedFragile: my name is krystina who is this lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: Lord Ted DiBiase
TwistedFragile: ~kneels~ allo my lord. where do you hail from lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thou art hails from worcester, massachusetts, camelot
gentlemenMGOUFFE: where doth ye hail from my lady?
TwistedFragile: new yawk.
TwistedFragile: whered ya get my sn from
gentlemenMGOUFFE: from tupping thy mother
TwistedFragile: eh?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: concieving thy beast with two backs, ye
TwistedFragile: stop talking like that lol
TwistedFragile: im slow
gentlemenMGOUFFE: nay!
TwistedFragile: lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: why doth thou ask thee a question of the sort?
TwistedFragile: because its bothering me ?
TwistedFragile: lol
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ye shall get a door slammethed in thy face!
TwistedFragile: no i wont
gentlemenMGOUFFE: prepare yeself for conflict!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: and possibly some fighting!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: -action pose-

Props to Gamby
TwistedFragile: ~the crane~
TwistedFragile: wwwoooooooooo
gentlemenMGOUFFE: have at ye, moor!
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i shall destroyeth thee and take thy fief!
TwistedFragile: k
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thou art the manifestation of the dark lord alfalfa, yea?
TwistedFragile: yea
gentlemenMGOUFFE: -sword thrust-
gentlemenMGOUFFE: consider thyself OWN3D. fly JetBlue
TwistedFragile: fuck jetblue

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