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drummer from foghat?

xKilledInMotion: brian, leaveeee me alone
gentlemanmgouffe: im sorry
gentlemanmgouffe: but im not brian
gentlemanmgouffe: im the drummer from FOGHAT
xKilledInMotion: youre gamby
gentlemanmgouffe: duga duga dug!
gentlemanmgouffe: anywas
gentlemanmgouffe: hi
xKilledInMotion: you and brian are in serious need of a new hobby
xKilledInMotion: hi
gentlemanmgouffe: yea
gentlemanmgouffe: we do need to get out more
xKilledInMotion: haha yup
gentlemanmgouffe: brian said he can't leave the hosue cause he has lymphoma
xKilledInMotion: haha
xKilledInMotion: he was supposed to come over today
xKilledInMotion: but im sick so mommie said no
gentlemanmgouffe: =(
gentlemanmgouffe: he better play nfs underground this weekend or im gonna sledge hammer his ballsack
gentlemanmgouffe: with a sodlering iron
xKilledInMotion: haha
xKilledInMotion: no! dont do that
gentlemanmgouffe: well, itll make him better at that dance dance revolution game
xKilledInMotion: haha... he doesnt need to be any better
xKilledInMotion: he plays too much
gentlemanmgouffe: exactly
gentlemanmgouffe: but having less of a sack would be able to maximize the chinese ability needed to dance what a machine tells you to do
xKilledInMotion: haha
xKilledInMotion: but it would hurt him in the girl dept.
gentlemanmgouffe: but if your such a mad pimp at a shitty game
gentlemanmgouffe: masturbation is key for hand eye coordination
xKilledInMotion: haha
xKilledInMotion: but if he didnt have balls he couldnt cum
xKilledInMotion: and that jsut wouldnt be fun
gentlemanmgouffe: less mess
gentlemanmgouffe: better reaction time
gentlemanmgouffe: im just kidding
xKilledInMotion: haha
gentlemanmgouffe: word on the street is your cute
xKilledInMotion: tooo cute
gentlemanmgouffe: yep
xKilledInMotion: oops wrong im
xKilledInMotion: i am not i assure yoy
xKilledInMotion: *you
gentlemanmgouffe: yea
gentlemanmgouffe: trust me
gentlemanmgouffe: mike wienman is fat
xKilledInMotion: whos that?
gentlemanmgouffe: a fat kid
gentlemanmgouffe: his mom parked her "minivan" on the diving board once
gentlemanmgouffe: trust me hes 500 pounds
gentlemanmgouffe: and sublime rules fat people
gentlemanmgouffe: he eats these gefilte fish
gentlemanmgouffe: and its so jewish
gentlemanmgouffe: i threw up 74 times before i scissor kicked the menorah off his head
gentlemanmgouffe: like william tell,only more jewish
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