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mao zedong

gogetempowson: Im gonna kick you in the face and punch you in the asshole!
gogetempowson: then im going to car bomb starbucks
gogetempowson: and shit all over the place
OneAndOnlyMurf: thats nice
gogetempowson: you must be the one they call dee murphy
OneAndOnlyMurf: that i am
gogetempowson: i was sent to smite you with some vengance or possilby vengenace you with some smiting
gogetempowson: but then i heard of this obesely fat jewish kid named mike weinman
gogetempowson: and i knew he must be smited first
OneAndOnlyMurf: of course. the jews must always go first.
gogetempowson: hmm.
gogetempowson: i like you, what say we destroy the world
gogetempowson: jews first
gogetempowson: n naturally
OneAndOnlyMurf: yes. lets do it.
OneAndOnlyMurf: we need a plan first
gogetempowson: operation bagel
gogetempowson: we get a giant bagel
gogetempowson: then we dropkick the jews into its sticky bread stuff.
gogetempowson: then we set the bagel on fire
gogetempowson: it'll be like the holocaust
OneAndOnlyMurf: is it raison or sesame. that makes a difference you know.
gogetempowson: only itll smell a shitload worse
gogetempowson: its everything!
gogetempowson: or pumpernickel
OneAndOnlyMurf: damn. thats pretty smelly then.
gogetempowson: thats this weinman kids jew name now
OneAndOnlyMurf: wow, i guess we're going all out
gogetempowson: very smelly
gogetempowson: totally
gogetempowson: we need 1.6 million dollars
gogetempowson: maybe i should get a corparate sponsor
gogetempowson: like jetblue
gogetempowson: or comet cleaners inc.
OneAndOnlyMurf: i'm pretty sure we can jack it from this kids mom
gogetempowson: good
OneAndOnlyMurf: but jetblue is cool too
gogetempowson: but can we ask jetblue anyway?
gogetempowson: sick
OneAndOnlyMurf: of course
gogetempowson: i can name you 5 reasons why continetal sucks jetblues dick
OneAndOnlyMurf: they get bubbles up their woopsie-daisie?
gogetempowson: don't forget your hat
gogetempowson: and go jet blue
gogetempowson: go braves go braves go braves
gogetempowson: j-e-t-s jets jets jets
gogetempowson: thats my 5 reasons
OneAndOnlyMurf: all righty then. i dig those reasons.
gogetempowson: Christopher reeves and helen keller star inTRoxLer the epitomy of opera careers
gogetempowson: Can you feel the love tonight sung by people who have disablities
gogetempowson: i say sold out show first 7 nights
OneAndOnlyMurf: that may be a strech
gogetempowson: are you asking for a challenge?
OneAndOnlyMurf: maybe
gogetempowson: well that sucks cause our plan needs total cooperation
gogetempowson: but if you wanna get sars ill have to rough you up a bit
OneAndOnlyMurf: i'll keep that in mind
gogetempowson: ive got chinese fists of fury
gogetempowson: blinks who are you
gogetempowson: i need gayer clothes!
gogetempowson: earth wind and fires greatest hits
OneAndOnlyMurf: what do you mean "blink"?
gogetempowson: it means blink you in the vagina
gogetempowson: with a hammer
OneAndOnlyMurf: ouch

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