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Too much pot.

gentlemenMGOUFFE: hey! alex danielson??
FrogStomp 451: yea
FrogStomp 451: who's this?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: its mike from high school!
FrogStomp 451: which mike?
FrogStomp 451: I knew a lot
gentlemenMGOUFFE: mike mckenzie
FrogStomp 451: I remember your name, but I can't remember who you are
gentlemenMGOUFFE: well i've been away
FrogStomp 451: and I've been killin brain cells
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i was in madagascar for about a year
gentlemenMGOUFFE: sold thirteen pounds of halibut
FrogStomp 451: kaayyy soundss... uhhmmmmm fun
gentlemenMGOUFFE: made $1400 out of it
FrogStomp 451: nice
gentlemenMGOUFFE: what have you been up to?
FrogStomp 451: workin spending time with friends
FrogStomp 451: and playin video games
gentlemenMGOUFFE: got a job?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: where at?
FrogStomp 451: modells right now
gentlemenMGOUFFE: still... ROCKIN THE MOHAWK!!
FrogStomp 451: heh nah, I chooped it off
gentlemenMGOUFFE: why?!?!?!
FrogStomp 451: got tired of bein bugged about it by every one
gentlemenMGOUFFE: fuck em i say
gentlemenMGOUFFE: it was precious
FrogStomp 451: did you graduate with me?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes i did
FrogStomp 451: kk
FrogStomp 451: hummm your not in the year book...
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yeah, im not really one for getting my picture taken, you know?
FrogStomp 451: npt even in the camerashy section tho?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: really?
FrogStomp 451: yea
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i never got a yearbook, so i dont really know
FrogStomp 451: how did I know you?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we were friends for the last three years of high school
gentlemenMGOUFFE: how could you forget me???
FrogStomp 451: I smoked a lot of pot after I left cortland, I can't member shit from highschool ne more
FrogStomp 451: I barely member mih best friends ne mroe
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thats not good
FrogStomp 451: not to mention I was never good with names
FrogStomp 451: I never forget a face but I never member a name
gentlemenMGOUFFE: well obviously you did
gentlemenMGOUFFE: but its ok
FrogStomp 451: how'd ya get mih s/n? old friend?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yeah
FrogStomp 451: who?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: guy kozowyk
FrogStomp 451: who?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: guy
gentlemenMGOUFFE: remember guy?
FrogStomp 451: not at all, are you sure I'm the same person your thinkin of?
FrogStomp 451: the only person named guy I've ever known is my grandfather
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes im positive
gentlemenMGOUFFE: wow you had way too much pot my friend
gentlemenMGOUFFE: we shoud get together one day
FrogStomp 451: from commack HS?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes!
FrogStomp 451: do you have ne old nicnames that I'd know better?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: um... no
gentlemenMGOUFFE: are you still in commack?
FrogStomp 451: yea
gentlemenMGOUFFE: are you free tomorrow?
FrogStomp 451: moved away for 2 years came back last year go to farmingjail now, in the afternoon
FrogStomp 451: gotta take a blood test in the morn
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ok, how about 4:00?
FrogStomp 451: I'll be free then
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you know where the starbucks is on the corner of commack road and jericho turnpike?
FrogStomp 451: yeap
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i work there
FrogStomp 451: pass by it all the time
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you should come say hello
FrogStomp 451: ya know I'm still tryying to figure out who you are
FrogStomp 451: you graduated in 01?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: youll remember me when you see me
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes
FrogStomp 451: and guy graduated same year?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: guy didnt go to our school
FrogStomp 451: kk then how dose he have mih s/n
FrogStomp 451: I didn't know ne one from outside commack
gentlemenMGOUFFE: he went to hills east, you sure you dont remember him???????
FrogStomp 451: I generally hate every one fromhills east
gentlemenMGOUFFE: wow, alex i think you smoked a little TOO MUCH pot
FrogStomp 451: well I never had a memory to start with
gentlemenMGOUFFE: are you playing games?? you sure you dont remember guy??
FrogStomp 451: not at all the only people I member from hills east are mih ex, and her best friend (alison smith and dave pearlman)
FrogStomp 451: and a few other peopel i meet after hs once I got to farmingdale
gentlemenMGOUFFE: well i dont kow them. guy might.
gentlemenMGOUFFE: come meet me at starbucks tomorrow around 4:00
FrogStomp 451: ya weren't on crew were ya?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: no
FrogStomp 451: what's guys s/n?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: punjabisabbath09
FrogStomp 451: I do not recognise that at all
gentlemenMGOUFFE: when was the last time you talked to him?
FrogStomp 451: as far as I member never
gentlemenMGOUFFE: thats probably why
FrogStomp 451: just to make sure your thinking of me in HS I had a rather unususal piece of jewlry, it was made of rubber and I wore it around my neck, if you know me you'll know it's name and what it was
FrogStomp 451: and if your a really good friend where it is now cus even I don't know that
gentlemenMGOUFFE: haha i dont know alex. that was a long time ago
FrogStomp 451: it was a blue and white rubber snake
FrogStomp 451: not somethign people forget
gentlemenMGOUFFE: haha. honestly, i have no recollection man
FrogStomp 451: I wore it all thoguth 11th grade
gentlemenMGOUFFE: alex, can you meet me at starbucks tomorrow?
FrogStomp 451: I'd much prefer to figure out who you are first, I have a lot of people that hateed me in HS, and a lot of people that loved me too much
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i was your friend
gentlemenMGOUFFE: im just a bit surprised you dont remember me. i know it's been long, but not THAT long.
FrogStomp 451: did you know ne of my other friends?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: i wasnt really a part of your clique, sorry
FrogStomp 451: z psycho mako lola
gentlemenMGOUFFE: nope
FrogStomp 451: have you ever been to my house or have I been to yours?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: you might have been over for a birthday or something, i dont know
FrogStomp 451: what do you look like? height, face?
gentlemenMGOUFFE: back then, i had short, bleached, parted hair. a bit shorter than you
FrogStomp 451: I had hair to myt shoulders
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yes
FrogStomp 451: I didn't chop it off till after I graduated
gentlemenMGOUFFE: yup
gentlemenMGOUFFE: then you got the mohawk, right?
FrogStomp 451: when I got upset at my ex I shaved off the sides into the mohawk
gentlemenMGOUFFE: because i remember seeing you, most likely after graduation, with a mohawk
gentlemenMGOUFFE: oh
FrogStomp 451: ??
gentlemenMGOUFFE: anyway, i must get going. work in the morning
FrogStomp 451: kk i'll try an member to visit you at starbucks
gentlemenMGOUFFE: ok thanks alex. ill be looking forward to seeing you. goodnight.
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