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That's Terrible......

OK, so the beginning of this conversation was x'ed out. Basically, I was telling vincent how I hit a dog with my car and then swerved and hit a tree at full speed. I smashed the shit out of it and cut the dog in two. Here's the rest...............

RouletteDares00: the dog jsut ran in the middle of the road?
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah
RouletteDares00: damn
CrumbleXInMyWake: you cant do karate AND have a moustache
RouletteDares00: hahaha
RouletteDares00: so your cars gone?
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah
RouletteDares00: :-(
RouletteDares00: it was so nice
RouletteDares00: so nice
CrumbleXInMyWake: im getting an eclipse though, so thats nicer
RouletteDares00: lol
CrumbleXInMyWake: im psyched. it's midnight blue
RouletteDares00: haha
CrumbleXInMyWake: the spyder version
RouletteDares00: haha
RouletteDares00: your insurance s fgonna go up
CrumbleXInMyWake: nah, not as many ppl have eclipses than civics
RouletteDares00: haha
RouletteDares00: i feel bad for that lady
CrumbleXInMyWake: me too
CrumbleXInMyWake: she was freaking out
CrumbleXInMyWake: and she was like in her 80's i think
RouletteDares00: thats sad
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah
RouletteDares00: i cant help but laugh
CrumbleXInMyWake: dude wttf??? thats not funny at all
RouletteDares00: i kno
RouletteDares00: im really tired
CrumbleXInMyWake: dont fuckin laugh about that shit
CrumbleXInMyWake: you have no clue how i feel right now
RouletteDares00: yea i kno
RouletteDares00: i talked to eric
RouletteDares00: hes like these artsy kids r killin me
RouletteDares00: hes coming down he 10th around?
CrumbleXInMyWake: ??
RouletteDares00: to see slithern or something
CrumbleXInMyWake: o. the 14 year old band
RouletteDares00: haha yea
RouletteDares00: they good?
CrumbleXInMyWake: theyre alright
CrumbleXInMyWake: oh god
CrumbleXInMyWake: i cant believe i hit that dog
CrumbleXInMyWake: and the head....
RouletteDares00: its an accident
CrumbleXInMyWake: the head was squashed under my tire
CrumbleXInMyWake: oh shit how can i live wit this on my conscience
RouletteDares00: shit happens
RouletteDares00: it was an accident
RouletteDares00: it came on the road that quick?
CrumbleXInMyWake: yeah
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